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Community Health Outreach

Updated: Jan 15

UpliftHealth (Wandikweza) aims at improving health access and primary care services for underserved communities.

In collaboration with doctors, nurses, Clinical Officers and Medical Assistants, UpliftHealth serves low-resource communities within Dowa District, Malawi by providing promotive, preventive, diagnostic, curative and referral services.

We care, we treat, God heals.

Treatment for illnesses

The outreach team work to prevent and treat communicable and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, diarrhoes, skin infections, malaria and sexually transmitted infections.

Care across Reproductive Health Spectrum

The team provides screening, diagnoses, information and medicine for adolescents, women of reproductive age, pregnant women and infants.

Case referrals

Patients with serious conditions are referred for proper care and management in public and private hospitals.


Uplifthealth (Wandikweza)

Recruits, trains, equips, supports and supervises Community Health Workers who proactively search for patients through door to door home visits and making referrals for proper management.




Phone: +265 88109796

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